Tutti Frutti

22, Jalan Kebun 1, Pusat Perdagangan Kebun Teh (Pusat Perdagangan Kebun Teh)
Johor Bahru, Johor 80250


  • Me & Mr.TF favourite place to hangout
  • yummmyyyy XD
  • Bila la org nk blanje nii
  • The place for Mr. TF dating wif Miss Br..
  • We serve fresh fruit every day have a froyo with fruit toping its good for digestion :) have a froyo after a meal can lead you to a better health and some may lose weight ;)
  • Show ur jusco card for 10% disc :)
  • Jaga-jaga hencik Mayor. Saya nak crown TF. Rajin2 la dtg ye.
  • Yummy yummy
  • New : Berry Flavour =)
  • My All Time Favorite Flavors, TF Original and Death by Chocolate.
  • vanilla + marshmallow + grape + hershey's =)
  • Death by chocolate is da best!
  • Bye bye
  • first in JB,nice one lah :)
  • shud try!! limited flavours but nice..
  • Xramai orang
  • Got promotion... just RM30!!O_o
  • Peach with cornflakes, the healthier choice
  • Lame x mkn tf...yummy..nk mkn lorh jp ...yummy,
  • Yeaahhh....

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