Teppei Syokudo Sweet & Snacks

Row 1

B2 Takashimaya S.C B207-7-3

Foursquare Tips

  • Barachirashi now available on weekends too!
  • Teppei-san's signature Kaisendon is a good value, almost as good as at this flagship restaurant. Add-ons like uni and mince negitoro available. Fried croquet is good too.
  • the bentos we had unagi bento and nori bento. Very close to real Japanese bento taste :)
  • Tried the 3 flavours Scallop, sweet corn n cheese. Cheese had a strong flavor out of the 3. Scallop was not bad but no scallop bits. Sweet corn was not too bad and with corns in it...
  • Daily Don specials. Stamina Don lots on slice pork top with a raw egg on rice.
  • Teppei's signature Kaisendon found here @ $16. Croquettes and other fried snacks also available.