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7625 Linda Vista Road
San Diego, CA 92111
(858) 874-6938
Coffee Shop
Mon–Sun: 4:30 AM–10:30 PM

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Foursquare Tips

  • Nicest staff in town but the slowest service ever. Still love the place tho!
  • Awesome service at the drive thru!!
  • The guy cashier is RUDE! Never coming back
  • The drive thru is cool. But the trash can has been removed so you can't clean out your car any more. Consider going inside. The morning crew is great.
  • my fave starbucks in sd. morning peeps are amazing.
  • Gotta love the drive thru!
  • They have very nice employees!
  • The standard Papua New Guinea beans have a dark roast with a strong oily flavor similar to Italian roast coffees. The oily character gives the cup mostly body flavor, notably earth and blueberry tones
  • I am addicted to their Green Tea Frappuccino . My youngest daughter loves their Cotton Candy Frappaccino.
  • Sumatra beans have sweet and deep earthy tones that are present in the aroma and body of the cup. Noticeable flavors are primarily bitter dark chocolate and floral or mild parsley.
  • This year's Christmas Blonde has a brighter acidic finish than the standard medium roast Christmas blend. A banana toned sweet mouth is accentuated amidst a mild chocolate and earthy body.
  • The Komodo beans have a clean, earthy body, presumably indicative of either washed or semi-washed processing.
  • The Verona beans have a buttery flavor from the oils of this dark roast coffee. The body of earthy chunks is up to the task of equalling the persuasive oily mouth. Verona is a very bold cup.
  • The Brezza Blend greets with a mouthy and aromatic mix of nutty and herbal notes. Slightly bitter walnut shells.
  • The Espresso Roast has a strong and bitter aftertaste with a moderate body of sweet, over ripe, black cherry. It is well suited for a dessert beverages or pairing with chocolate.
  • The Veranda blend, one of the blonde roast blends now served at Starbucks, delivers a bite to the mouth of your coffee. There's not much back of tongue, but it's a crisp floral and grapefruit rind.
  • Different crew working this morning. SO much better than before, especially at window. Respect and polite language are requisites when working in a service industry.
  • Rude people, burnt coffee, half full cups. Not just once but many times over. Will never go back.
  • The staff here are the sweetest people
  • wi-fi password: free wifi - via