Coffee Shop
Paradise Island Dr (in Marina Village)
Paradise Island, PI
(242) 363-1175


  • No free wifi allowed because of Atlantis. Also they do not take Starbucks cards.
  • No IPhone App payment scanner at this location. Oh wells :o)
  • Once you purchase an item from here just ask for access to their wifi and they will provide with a smile :)
  • Great cheese Danish
  • Caramel brownie da urlo!!
  • Coffee house
  • It's Starbucks. Nuff said.
  • Nice location on an enjoyable walk near spectacular yachts.
  • Need open/close sign. Workers need to smile ALL THE TIME
  • One of the fews spots open at the Marina for a morning coffee. Great view and people watching spot!
  • The strawberry & creme muffin is quite tasty!
  • Someone on Google+ stated u can get free wifi with purchase. Doesn't hurt to ask.
  • Uma vergonha no ter wifi free. Em todas as outras starbucks de outros lugares temos internet aberta. Aqui nada de graa!
  • Cosy sofas!

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