Sanpoutei Ramen 三宝亭

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#B1-04/05, Shaw House (350 Orchard Rd.)
Singapore, 238868
+65 6836 4644
Mon–Sun: 11:30 AM–11:00 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • The tori miso ramen has a crazy rich broth. You'll want to take a nap after.
  • . .
  • Recommended if u are feeling like fish-based broth with ramen. Niigata tsukemen is also highly recommended, more so than niigata shoyu ramen. Its broth packs more punch than the shoyu's broth.
  • Niigata shoyu ramen is great. Very rare to find good clear shoyu ramen in Singapore.
  • Very good ramen . Recommend the Tsukemen
  • Nice cozy place, with great ramen. Broth is thick, but tasty. Noodles pleasant and springy. Would certainly recommend 8/10.
  • Tsukemen is very good. Always come here after work for drinks and light bites. The mini dons despite their size, are quite satisfying taste wise.
  • Spicy ramen - Rich broth, reasonably spicy, freshly made noodles and the egg is cooked perfectly!
  • The signature ramen. Get it fully loaded!
  • Love their ramen and is pretty lively.
  • Two cockroaches caught even before the meal was served. Nonchalant staff. No recovery.
  • Decent Ramen place with a nice Japanese interior style.
  • Tried the special miso ramen. Meat was delicious. Thick ramen broth. Hot green tea comes in a pot.
  • Try Niigata Shoyu Ramen! Classic Gold. Soup can be salty for some people. Noodle texture is very good.
  • Also, the soup is a light but rich favour, and the noodle texture is just the right al dente.
  • Very good Niigata shoyu ramen. Interesting sardine based flavour instead of the usual pork
  • My most favorite ramen in Singapore! This is fish broth n soy sauce based Ramen. Gooood.
  • Gave miso ramen a try and found the soup a bit too thick and makes the noodles clump together. Prefer the shoyu soup. Nevertheless, worth a try.
  • Quite a nice ramen place, the taste of Niigata styled Ramen is quite delicious, chashu pork is simply lovely and must try.
  • Rich dried sardine tsukumen is tasty. Nomnomnom