QQ Noodle

Chinese, Noodles
10889 S Blaney Ave
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 253-5858


  • DAT #8 doe
  • Special hot oil noodles were chewey and all-around excellent as was the rouxburger, shredded lamb meat on a piece of moa bread
  • Hot and spicy beef noodle soup.
  • All the noodles are hand pulled, meaning thicker, chewier noodles if thats your thing youll enjoy. The dry pork noodles lacked flavor and were really greasy. Also not into the thick chewy noods.
  • Very salty, but pretty tasty! Cold noodles and soups are consistently palatable; quick staff to help, cash only!
  • Special hot oil noodles and the liang pi are the bomb!
  • Liang Pi and rouburger. Pretty great together and staff was nice enough to the only white guy in the restaurant.
  • Special Hot Oil Noodle is delicious. I wish the fish pieces in the Spicy Fish Noodle Soup are not fried and are fresh ones instead :\
  • Try the Liang Pi. It's a bit spicy.
  • One of the few places to get Xian-style liang pi noodles. Pairs well with a rouburger (minced lamb meat).
  • Wide flat noodle is a must-try. Catch a glimpse of the hand-pulled noodle process through the service window
  • The zha jiang mian is delicious here! (Food coma to follow my so great :p) All the noodles are hand pulled!
  • #20 is the way to go. #10 is much better at Queen House Mtn View (soup is much tastier)
  • I was super excited to find unusual Xi'an region dishes served at this unassuming Chinese noodle joint. Make sure to try the Liang Pi and Rouburger and read all about my visit on WinstonWanders below!
  • Al dente noodles but the sauce has too much MSG in it.
  • They provide kid feeding supplies so your little one can enjoy noodles too! So considerate.
  • The dry noodles are the best
  • Great hand pulled noodles. Broth was bland.
  • Awesome noodles!!!!
  • The appetizers are good. Their noodles are decent Chinese ramen, bUT the noodle soup is just so-so.

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