Octopus Falafel Truck

Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Food Truck
$ $
20th & Market (20th & Market)
Philadelphia, PA 19103


  • Quality. This is quality. Quality quality quality.
  • Don't ask what's on the menu, don't ask for any changes, don't ask for 2. You get the one thing he makes for the day and it will be well worth the wait.
  • The heftily portioned fried chickpea balls come in either sandwich or platter formbut the array of accompanying tastily spiced treats (beet hummus, fresh grapes, salads) changes daily.
  • Just agree with everything "Falafel Nazi" says. Don't ask questions! Or, No falafel for you!
  • Very large menu and cook is very amenable to custom and bulk orders...
  • By far the best street food in Philly. $10 for charcoal-grilled chicken and anything else Gus feels like putting in there.
  • He now has a $5 option, but you can still order two of them for $10
  • FYI. Open from 11:30 til about 3
  • Juicy chicken! Great hummus and falafel!!! He brags about quality an he had a good reason too! I gladly wait a half hour for one plate!!!
  • Well worth the wait.
  • Go to 20th & Market for the best falafel in the Philly. The line will be long. You know it's good b/c the line will be down the block. It's the truck with the garlic bulbs along the side.