Miami Bakery

Cuban, Bakery, Breakfast
$ $
1990 NW 22nd Ave (nw 20th street)
Miami, FL 33125
(305) 638-4100


  • Looks third world, but is Classic Miami. From the flamingo pink exterior to the rotating camel.. Wtf rotating camel?! Wtf do tacky Arabian camels have to do with Florida/Cuba/Bakery?!?
  • Awesome place to eat, i loved it!
  • The food is the best
  • The breakdown was delicious. I had #1 with caf con leche
  • Great pastries here! Dennis Mancino HD view 360
  • Whoa Very good pastries. They are so nice & friendly. Lol @ the camel Porque?! They only speak Spanish, & environment will feel like your in Cuba
  • Amazing pastries
  • Delicious pastries!!!!!!