Lung Moon Bakery

83 Mulberry St (btwn Canal & Bayard St)
New York, NY 10013
(212) 349-4945


  • Egg tarts are made fresh throughout the day - probably the best in Chinatown!
  • Good year-round mooncakes, sweet pineapple buns, and perfect sachima make this bakery a worthy visit.
  • Egg tarts are flaky goodand made fresh everyday
  • Try the egg custards.
  • The egg tarts are warm and fresh all day!
  • The BEST Egg Tarts!!!
  • Definitely best egg tarts. Sundays are a bit crazy.
  • Gotta get get.. Gotta get get the egg custard TARTS!!
  • Best egg tarts in Chinatown! :)
  • I had the egg custard and it was not a huge fan of combining egg w other things though
  • Delicious Chinese baked breads and pastries.
  • egg custard
  • I remember when the amazing egg tarts were 70 cents...
  • Iced tea, melon cake. Authentic Cantonese bakery
  • Cant go wrong with freshly baked egg tarts and buns. Was able to get all my favorite pineapple, ham & egg, custard buns here
  • The mooncakes, sponge cakes, and egg tarts and pretty much everything else too are amazing and cheap and freshly baked. The owners are super nice. Feel good about supporting this local business!
  • Great egg tarts for $1 a piece.
  • Heaven on Earth. Especially when pork buns are just $0.80 each. Seriously, you need to come here with a plan or else you're going to end up buying over 100 items.
  • Fresh mooncakes are the best. Traditional flavors are great. Green tea flavor is nice too.
  • Pork buns, egg tarts!

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