Little Yunnan (小云南 Little Yunnan)

东皇城根北街28号 (小取灯胡同)
景山, 北京市
+86 10 6401 9498


  • Fantastic home-brewed mijiu
  • Incredible food. The pan-fried goat cheese is not to be missed!
  • Bamboo shoots & mushrooms, Beef & mushrooms, Fried rice with vegge
  • Very good taste of every food we have ordered. Good price for great quality. Highly recommended!
  • So cozy and warm atmosphere! The food is delicious, and the value for money is more than fair! Don't forget the lamp ribs!
  • A taste of Yunnan in Beijing: spicy tofu was very good. Nice atmosphere, a bit touristy.
  • Had pork belly with mushrooms, was very tasty, went well with a glass of the Chardonnay they had available. Would recommend!
  • Ribs are amazing, the goat cheese too. Spicy and very good food
  • Decent food and English speaking waitress. Try the goat cheese, eggs with jasmine flowers
  • The drop pin on the map is way totally wrong !!!!
  • Rice wine and fried goat cheese are a must try!
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  • Everything was good but especially the pork rips.
  • Nerealiai geras yuano restoranas. Verkiau is laimes !
  • Fried rice with nice cocktail
  • Love love love hotspot here!! Mushroom!
  • Call ahead and reserve the crayfish. They run out real quick
  • Fried goat cheese and sour and spicy papaya fish (soupy)
  • The hot pot lunch they serve is excellent.

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