Libby's Lunch

Hot Dogs
98 McBride Ave
Paterson, NJ 07501
(973) 278-8718



  • Fact: Libby's is better than hot grill.
  • Try one their awesome chili dogs! It's one of NJ's hot dog landmarks and also on our Super Bowl Fan Guide's list of essential things to do during Super Bowl week 2014.
  • Egg Salad Sandwich; Most inexpensive meal on the menu :)
  • Texas weiners "all the way" and French fries with cheese and sauce
  • Really great hot dog
  • This place has so many memories. They will give you stale buns to feed to ducks and geese if you ask. I love their grilled chicken sandwich and their roast beef with cheese and gravy is amazing!!
  • Arline is the best ..Gorge is a cool manager ..
  • No one beats there sauce and burgers. Cheeseburger with sauce and fries with cheese and sauce AWESOME! Been going here since I was 4 or 5, still as good as ever.
  • Great dogs!
  • Mitch loves libbys weiners
  • Try a hot dog "all the way," which means raw onions, mustard and a special "chili sauce" that's not spicy but very flavorful! The "Hot Texas" or "Hot Jersey" Wiener has been a Paterson-area tradition
  • Went for two Texas Weiners, All the Way: chili, mustard, onion. Libby's is the oldest standing TW joint in Paterson, the birth city of this original concoction. Hint: it has nothing to do with Texas!
  • "All the Way" platter is the way to go.
  • Just cause they used the term hot Texas wieners first doesn't make them good. Yuck!
  • Texas wieners and burgers
  • My favorite indulgence. I always get a Texas wiener "all the way" with a side of French fries with cheese and gravy
  • Check out Libby's Lunch as seen on Food Wars
  • Love me some Texas wieners with gravy.
  • The onion rings are fantastic! Great hospitality.
  • Love it! All the way dog and chilli cheese fries yum!

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