The Kitchen

New American
$ $ $
2225 Hurley Way (at Howe Ave)
Sacramento, CA 95825


  • the most amazing dining experience! you can walk around the entire kitchen, wine celler.. very friendly staff & chefs. but remeber this 4 hour dining experience can be a quite investment~
  • A great eating experience like no other
  • Take a cab or call Uber because youre going to want to enjoy all of the wines paired with John Griffiths impeccable dishes. One of the most memorable dining experiences weve had in years.
  • GL Socialvore, Janah of Delish Your Dish said, The meal I enjoyed at The Kitchen was by far the most amazing food Ive ever eaten in my life. My dining experience there was nothing short of amazing.
  • Unbelievable- the experience is perfect end-to-end. Food is untouchable; hands down the most exiting food experience I've had.
  • it's all good. just eat what ever they give you and come hungry.
  • Go on empty belly & take a full wallet. Sample bread only. Tour the kitchen while they prep. Try everything, because it's AMAZING. Ambience on point. Staff is top knotch. RSVP a month before. Enjoy!
  • All I have to say is WOW!!!!!
  • The security guard, Julian, was so nice and helpful. Makes you feel really safe.
  • This was an amazing culinary experience. Save your money and go for a dinner you'll never forget.
  • This has got to be the most amazing culinary experience I have ever had....and that is saying something
  • The bread is delicious...but eat it sparingly so you have more room for the courses- and don't forget the sushi intermission! Get seconds!
  • Be sure to tour the kitchen, while they're cooking!
  • De-li-cious!!!! Noah is fantastic!