Kap Bung Steam Rice (巴刹街香浓盖饭)

Chinese, Asian, BBQ
74 Jalan Danby
Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang 14000


  • The best cup rice in BM town, thumb up
  • Don't come at noon time. The guy is very impolite! Bring 12 people come but the boss give us 'wtf' face because we order only 2 plates. Hmmm! That's bad for others state visitor.
  • Is a combination of chicken rice and pork rice... Taste very unique... Can't find in KL...
  • It's delicious ~ come and have a try then sure u will addicted to it~~
  • Famous in BM! Their sauce for the rice match so well with all the roasted meats! Do try it with the chillies. Yum! And it is very cheap too! Worth the queueing time totally!
  • My all time favourite!!
  • Used to be the best and delicious 10 years ago. But now quality drop a lot.crispy pork not so crispy.sauce not so nice.guess whom said nice delicious haven't try the founding father original kap Bung.
  • Big portion and not bad taste.
  • Super cheap and nice
  • When you are sad, get a spoon of this with the chili, life has never been better hehehehe. Always geh liao
  • Big potions. Usually 1 plate can server 2 man!!! Taste special.
  • Char siew,siew bak & roasted chicken finely chop with flooded sauce...it will taste better if got garlic chilli sauce
  • Go to another stall beside of Old Cheok Sah cinema. Same taste better courtesy. This stall service is sucks to the max.
  • Pro tip: tapao and put the green chilis inside. By the time you reach home, the soaked chili, gravy and rice makes it even more flavorful!!
  • Every time I think of penang, my mouth salivates to this. I CAN EAT THIS EVERYDAY!
  • Big portion RM7
  • Not really like this type of meal
  • The famous steam rice in BM! Always with a queue when you passing by. I'm not that in love with this but still used to go visit them when I back BM without any reason.
  • Steam Rice with roasted pork and chicken, Only in Bukit Mertajam

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