Kaffee Vonsolln

Row 1

79 Daniel St
Portsmouth, NH 03801
(603) 373-0570

Foursquare Tips

  • Wifi password: Vonsolln (capital "V"!)
  • You like Viennese style coffee? This is the place. The owner is from Munich and also makes all the pastries. Open daily and next door to The Press Room.
  • The straws for the ice coffee are for a extra large fountain soda or something!! Good coffee but funny looking!!
  • Best cup of coffee in Portsmouth
  • Free wifi for all your interwebs work & play needs! Password: Vonsolln (captial "V"!)
  • Great coffee, great people. Free WiFi - Just ask!
  • Definitely worth the one minute walk from Market Sq.
  • Sie knnen Deutsch mit Jalcin sprechen
  • Wifi Password: Vonsolln (capital "V"!)
  • Great coffee and service with a quiet seating area. My fav coffee in town.
  • The German iced coffee has delicious gelato in it. Mmmm. Creamy and sweet, no cream or sugar necessary!
  • Authentic, delicious German pastries and coffee that is very quietly among the best in Portsmouth. Make the 500 foot walk from Market Square and get your coffee here.
  • Best Pumpkin Spice coffee in town!
  • Raspberry Sunrise Lemonade!!!
  • Dog friendly and they have him a piece of chicken jerky
  • They also have a great blend of coffees by the pound. Roasted onsite.
  • Try the dirty chai latte. It's a spout of perfectly pulled espresso mixed into a cup of chai tea.
  • Best wireless connection and outlets available. Work here instead of BNG.
  • Iced Green Pomegranate Tea is delicious.
  • French Toast muffin is where it's at!