Jom Cari Makan

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31-1&33-1, Jalan PJU 5/12, Kota Damansara (Dataran Sunway)
Petaling Jaya, Selangor 47810
+60 3-6140 8262


  • Mongolian Chicken Rice is a must try! Curry Leaves + Some Spicy Taste + Cheesy + Lemak2 Santan with Simple Nasi Kosong a MUST!
  • Mongolian chicken is a must to try.o
  • Da best halal dim sum! Must try black pepper siew mei
  • I'd catch a grenade for Mongolian Chicken.
  • Mongolian chicken with rice and dim sum best!
  • Servis sangatlah lambat dan tidak memuaskan hati. Dah duduk setengah jam air pon tak dapat lagi.
  • Seriously ! Mongolian Chicken Rice is superb delivicious!!!
  • The mongolian chicken rice here is to die for
  • too good the cambodia chicken rice
  • Wi-fi password 77319493
  • Mongolian (altantuya) chicken d best, always
  • Mongolian chicken is the besttt
  • Addicted to their Mongolian Chicken & Dim Sum!
  • Mongolian chicken is awesome!
  • I think the sweet sour fish rice is quite nice. Definitely will come back.
  • mongolian chicken. the chicken would have been proud to die for such a good dish. and as a carnivour, I can exclaim that the vegetable curry is SO. GOOD. OMG.
  • Try the mongolian chicken.
  • Waited half a hour for drinks. Food came a lot later. And my meehoon is so keras!! Asked them to re-do, they probably just poured water over it. Seriously!!
  • Sangat sedap!
  • Dim sum terbaik.. Sate daging paling lembut...

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