400 S 2nd St
Renton, WA 98057


  • Swedish Meatballs, what more should be said?
  • You know how in Monsters, Inc kids' screams power the monster world? Yeah, I'm pretty sure that's how IKEA keeps their costs so low.
  • Try the Swedish Meatballs.
  • Pick up some of the lovely cookies and chocolate bars. The Swedish rye bread mix is apparently a good fill in for Danish rye bread too.
  • Ikea Family Card holder get free coffee
  • Remember there are usually two lines for the food court and both sides have the same menu. When I went there was a very long line for the left side and almost no line for the right side.
  • The coffee is FREE before 10am. Pair it with the $0.99 breakfast and you've got more money to spend in the store! :)
  • If you come to Ikea for the food court you've got problems.
  • Instead of philanthropy, focus on your quality of cafe food first!
  • Try lentil soup, it's surprisingly good (and a little spicy). Perhaps it's a Swedish version of chili :)
  • I have seen truck stop bathrooms that are better maintained and clean..
  • MMM.. Meatballs!!
  • Wednesday is the Ribs Special!
  • Meatballs and lingonberry juice. Come on Tuesday nights for cheap food.
  • Love to eat here with my family! I always order the mashed potatoes&gravy with meatballs and bread
  • It is crowded. The veggie balls is actually curry veggie balls and delicious. Needs more sauce though
  • The new veggie balls are definitely worth a try if you want a change from the (always) amazing Swedish meatballs.
  • Girls are right shopping Will make you hungry.. good variety of heavy and light food to help you throught!!
  • Smoked salmon wrap! So yummy. Everyone raves about the meatballs, and they are good, but try the salmon dishes they have!!! So good!!!
  • The veal should be tried.

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