Hunan Country Cuisine (湖南乡村风味馆)

168 M Wulumuqi Rd (近安福路)
上海市, 上海市
+86 21 6437 0952


  • Grandmother homesickness fish makes me want a Hunanese grandmother. Or, at least an ayi
  • Mmmm acid beans n bacon. Way better than dishuidong.
  • A popular neighborhood joint serving delicious Hunan cuisine. We recommend the bowl of cauliflower, ribs in cumin, "acid beans", and tea tree mushroom dry pot.
  • Very nice Hunan
  • Unbiased opinion: best in the world!
  • Awesome place! Love the fried tofu :)
  • Pork trotters are the best! Simply awesome!
  • Its not bad but too oily for my taste. Sorry, I feel Di Shui Dong is better, even its more 'touristic'...
  • My favorite neighborhood Hunan spot for 7 years.
  • Good Hunanese joint though on the oily side. Focus on the tasty dry pots to counter that.
  • Good for a quick, cheap lunch.
  • Three words: fried beef rolls
  • My favorite.
  • There is no reason for you eating here if you don't get the twice cooked pork and bacon fries rice.
  • Spicy! Great shrimp skewers, mapu tofu, and sizzling shredded cabbage!

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