Halal Paradise Food Truck

Food Truck, Falafel
22 4th Ave (Atlantic Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11217


  • Huge plate for $6, tasty but bring tums
  • Lamb over rice with salad! That's my jam!!! Great food, dependable availability (very clutch for those late night drunchies) and friendly service!
  • Consistently disappointing and he only works whatever late nights he feels like.
  • Everything is awesome but the chicken tikka takes the cake. It's worth the wait. This may be the best truck in NY and they are there 24-7.
  • Better than the cart next to the Terminal. I prefer these halal trucks that have a better variety of veggies. Portions here are perfect, not too much to make you feel overly full.
  • I got the combo over rice. It's decent. If you're hungry for a quick bite, I recommend it. Lamb is juicy and tender. Chicken taste really good. 8/10 for sure.
  • Chicken Tikka w/ Rice
  • The best halal truck IMHO. Great toppings like giardiniere, pickles and hot peppers. I get the chicken tikka with double salad & all the fixings. Owner also always good for a smile.
  • I've eaten many a chicken and rice platter from Halal trucks but this place OWNS IT! White sauce with dill, perfectly grilled and seasoned meat for $6. Please park the truck in my backyard!!
  • Get the falafel plate, all-the-way w/ white & hot sauce for $6
  • Get the lamb chops over rice. $9 and takes a while, but so delicious!
  • I liked the chicken gyro here