Food Republic 大食代

Row 1

天河区 天河路 383号 MU16 (太古汇商场)

Foursquare Tips

  • Wicked stupid payment scheme. Can't pay when you order. Instead buy a minimum 50 card at separate kiosk, present when you order at individual restaurant then go back to kiosk to get deposit back.
  • Sichuan hunan cuisine.. Fried intestine in pot.. Good fooooooddd
  • Pepper lunch and Basil are my favs
  • You must get a charge card before u can buy things yet are 50rmb+ u can get what u don't use back. Super easy 2 year life on the card.
  • Nice place to choose everything but it will be better with some Mediterranean food choice
  • Try a detox drink at Quenches
  • Cantonese food
  • Nice place =D but they sell mostly chinese food -__-
  • 10rmb of deposit, what a rediculous rule.
  • ! 2011-11-15