Fantasia Coffee & Tea

Row 1

10933 N Wolfe Rd (at Cupertino Village Shopping Ctr)
Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 865-1689
Bubble Tea, Coffee Shop, Desserts

Foursquare Tips

  • If you prefer non-dairy milk, this is the place for you! All the drinks are made with non-dairy milk.
  • Get the Lychee Green Tea, they give you real lychee pieces in the drink.
  • Cash only?
  • The best pearl tea! My top picks: Lychee Green milk tea, guava green tea (no milk), mango green milk tea, grapefruit green tea, even plain teas are very good with or without milk.
  • This boba is amazing! Very few can compare.
  • Interestingly, while the word "coffee" is in the name of the business, they do not sell coffee.
  • Oldie but a goodie. However you have to use your free stamp card before the expiration date even if you purchased 10 drinks and qualify for a free one #makesnosense
  • Amazing Taro Milk Tea with pearls...try it!!!
  • Try the Pearl Milk Tea - Perfect. Quick, took like literally 30 seconds after we ordered.
  • Strawberry green pearl milk tea was great! Sure beats Quickly.
  • Hot red bean milk tea on a cold winters day is the best
  • Passion tea with yellow jelly is a nice twist from your normal milk tea ;)
  • Lychee and mango green teas always come with real pieces of fruit. Yum!!
  • Lychee green tea (hold the milk) and green mango ayu are my favorites. Also check out the small whiteboard in the front for extra flavors.
  • Had Red Bean Milk Tea. Tasty red beans :)
  • Instead of espresso milk tea with pearls, get espresso green milk tea w/ pearls :) It's good! Haha, that's just because I'm partial to jasmine milk tea instead of black milk tea
  • Lychee green tea, rocks my world!!!
  • Grapefruit tea is refreshing,fruity,citrusy; nice alternative to a milk tea. Order without the rind; half a grapefruit rind takes up half the volume of the cup, add ice & there's no room for tea!
  • Hands down the best boba you'll find in the South Bay. Definitely get a lychee drink--they'll add some fresh lychee pieces to your drink.
  • Best boba tea - try green milk tea for a lighter taste and lots of caffeine