Café, Italian, Coffee Shop
$ $
Sun Plaza, GF Unit C-11 (Jalan Haji Zainul Arifin No. 7)
Medan, Sumatera Utara 20152
+62 61 4501893


  • Pelayanan parah... Menu smua ga ada...
  • Bad service.
  • Rib Eye with BBQ Sauce
  • Muka waiter nya mcm eek :|
  • the waiter :|
  • well don't go w/ an empty stomach.
  • Dome is offering lunch time promotion, each main course get free juice. On selected item. Tried spaghetti tongyum seafood. Generous portion, tastes okay but too oily
  • Love the foods ^^
  • Best place for killing time..
  • Makanannya mantaappp... :D
  • Wifi-nya kajol....kagak jolas
  • Rasa makanannya gak stabil....
  • Menu nya sering gak ada lah, kosong lah... Anyway, chicken Kiev is a must-try dish...
  • long chit chat!
  • table yg mengahap ke jln lebih nyaman.. :))
  • Fetucini enak.. chicken breast enak.. service just average
  • No human alive should ever experience the kind of bad services from this place. Even the "warung" on the roadside have better courtesy than the one shown by the server of this cafe.
  • Love the pasta
  • wanna try one coffe like this
  • one thing..one moments, inspiration.

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