Cupcake Crew

Food Truck, Cupcakes, Desserts
5 Avenue A (22nd Street)
New York, NY 10009
(347) 417-2392


  • MAYOR SPECIAL: The Mayor on the 1st Thursday of the month will receive a FREE box of mini-cupcakes!
  • Very anti-Semitic.. Hates "Zionist pigs" as he calls them on his Twitter account.. It's weird because he claims to do Bar Mitzvahs. So much hatred from the owner
  • Cupcake Crew will be rollin' to the Village Voice's Choice Streets food truck tasting event on 4/24 at Pier 86 / The Intrepid! More info here:
  • People should know you guys post racist, anti-semitic rants on your twitter feed
  • Check their Twitter to find their location!
  • Try the candied yam cupcake: sweet potato cake w/marshmallow fluff filling and toasted marshmallow icing
  • Salted caramel!!! And from May 1-15 2012, they are helping to raise money for Citymeals-on-Wheels. So get something delicious and make a donation!
  • Salted caramel, truth!
  • The Red Velvet cupcake is good. But 1.75 for a little cupcake is alot
  • Stick to the red velvet. The frosting on the salted caramel is too sweet for me. The brownie one is a bit sweet for me too.. And I didn't realize it had coconut flakes on it (don't like).
  • Love the Cookies N Creme!
  • The key lime is heavenly
  • I can't believe I spent $2.75 on this cupcake. Overcooked. Stale. I want my cash money back.