Coconut Milk Cafe

Adda Avenue (Taman Adda Height)
Johor Bahru, Johor


  • Big portion of nasi lemak and its delicious! The coconut shake was superb too!
  • Today I m trying "Laksa Penang".honestly the taste was bad,the gravy was too sweet and they used different noodles compare to "Laksa Penang" in northern region. Sorry to say I dont like it.-nakedchef-
  • I tried their Nsi Lmk Aym.honstly it was superb,bcz I asked the waiter bout the Nsi Lmk if they sold at Kg Melayu also n surprisingly he said yes,thts y I really fmiliar w tht kind of taste-nakedchef-
  • the coconut shake is super big
  • Breakfast food for dinner. Nasi lemak is awesome
  • Boleh than jgk ..
  • The staff there not very friendly. The lontong not great. The bee Hoon sambal prawns very nice I must say. The coconut sake was very good too
  • Lots of good foods to choose from, but be early to get the best. Their Ikan bakar is amazing!
  • There is a lot of food to choose from and all are good, my personal choice is soto nasi and make sure to ask for 2 sambal kicap for those who love spicy food.
  • Good nasi lemak. Price range? A bit pricey but so far...ok la.
  • Coconut shake medium cost u RM10 per glass
  • Nasi lemak sedap but i thinks its quite pricey for the portion. Coconut shake memang terbaik! Will come again for the shake.
  • Had their coconut milk shake,tasty just like in Klebang!
  • Of course their Nasi Lemak!
  • Bagi sedekah senyuman biar tambah enak nasinya...
  • terbaik.harga standard.yg penting sedap bak hang.tried nasi putih+sambal nasi lemak+ayam goreng+sotong king+coconut milk shake+abc. satisfied!
  • Nasi lemak is a must have when dining here..
  • Coconut shake
  • Nasi lemak sambal udang mmg mabeles
  • sedapnyer hai cendol n nasi lemak boleh pilih byk lauk

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