The Chicken & Rice Guys

Food Truck


  • Beware of any of the hot red sauces if you can't handle much spice - your mouth will be on fire for hours!
  • Combo platter! White sauce tastes super yummy, especially if you're a garlic fan
  • One of thee best lunch deals in Boston, the $7 combo plate fills even those with a large appetite.
  • Chicken is great! Mix the sauces and ask for extra pita!
  • They take credit cards--$10 minimum purchase
  • Only the red "hot sauce" is hot (piquant), the white sauce is sweet and addictive, and the bbq sauce is also sweet, all free and self-serve (mix and match!)
  • Get the combo and mix the white and BBQ sauces!
  • Try the hot sauce!
  • They come very close to The Halal Guys in Manhattan.
  • If you do not like cnrg, then you have no soul.
  • $10 minimum if you want to pay by card
  • Chicken and rice
  • Their only beverages are water bottles: $1 with food, $2 without food
  • Try their combo which is both chicken and lamb and then drizzle both the BBQ and white sauce on there. It makes for a very tasty meal!
  • Now taking credit cards for orders over $10
  • It's pretty good , high amount of meat compared to rice , hot sauce is good and not bad for 6 dollars , go online for one dollar coupon
  • Delicious as always, but get there between 11 and 11:30 to avoid the long lines!
  • So good, my recommendation: combo with extra meat. Be careful of the extra hot sauce. I love it but it will get ya!
  • Get a chicken and lamb combo..super fire!
  • Get the combo over salad. Try the hot sauce!