C.F. Penn Hamburgers

Diner, Hot Dogs, Burgers
121 Moulton St E
Decatur, AL 35601
(256) 355-0513



  • Penn's rocks!! We all know they are bread burgers with yellow mustard and paprika, but Penn's is a classic. No folks, this is not on the fru-fru diet: I get a double cheeseburger, no onions.
  • Best burgers in the world. You have not lived unless you have a Penn Purger
  • Don't ask for mayo on your Penn Burgers. Penn Burgers are not for everyone, but I love them.
  • I think they are great! And by the way, that's not water the hamburgers are floating in, it's grease! Yum!
  • One of the most disgusting hamburgers I have ever eaten. Not only was the "meat" sitting in water, but the consistency was unbearable. Turns out it's a bread/meat combo. Too nasty to handle.
  • Family used to own it. We still love it
  • A must try!!!
  • Deep fried double cheeseburger. Can't get it anywhere else
  • Awesome, I have been coming here since I was 3 and I keep coming back with my kids now..
  • All the way with cheese. Awesome
  • You'd be better off eating out of the garbage bin!
  • The worst burger ever!
  • I'm gonna die. It's delicious but I'm still gonna die.