Carl's Jr. (卡乐星)

Fast Food
169 Wujiang Rd | 吴江路169号 (1/F-50 In Point | 四季坊)
Jing'an, 上海市 200041
+86 21 3251 9356


  • WIFI
  • Wifi password is ilovecarlsjr
  • worst place to do a take away.
  • Great food, much more expensive than mcd or bk, but bigger portions and tastier. It's also not as fast, so you generally wait 10 mins for food.
  • Delicious fries! A.better fast food choice then M or B in this area, not as noisey and crowded. Quality crowd.
  • My fav burger place....
  • WiFi
  • Portobello mushroom burger is a MUST try!!
  • Better than Mc'Donalds
  • Use you card to get a free upsize
  • Try double cheeseburger
  • Waitresses are all poker faces, drop my food on the table without saying anything. No plate for fish and chips but a burger box? And wheres my lemon slice for the fish? PLEASE?
  • Prefer CaliBurger in JingAn, but decent & open until 11 pm.
  • The jalapeo chicken hamburger is delicious, great choice!
  • , 10 rmb,
  • Famous Star Burger is quite delicious!!
  • SSID: carlsjr002, p/w: ilovecarlsjr
  • It is opposite corner to UNIQLO, the best fast food joint burger. Don't just pass by, eat it, crave it.
  • Good Burgers

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