Carl's Jr. (卡乐星)

Fast Food
268 Xizang Rd | 西藏中路268号 (B1/F-15 Raffles City | 来福士广场)
Huangpu, 上海市 200085
+86 21 6340 3663


  • Chilli Cheese Fries.
  • Try the Jalapeo burger: delicious!
  • Best Burger Chain in Shanghai !!!
  • One of the few restaurants with unlimited refills and napkins on the tables!
  • Better than Mc and King and the fries is delicious as well
  • Super Star with Cheese!
  • When it is too crowded the Chinese staff help you find a place to sit. : )
  • Add one more slice of cheese to you favorite burger for just 3 rmb, mmm... yummy!
  • Don't forget to ask for a free souce
  • Number 8 is really good!
  • Skip here and go BK... Lousy quality fast food as compared with BK. More expensive too...,
  • Gonna skip Carls Jr Sh forever. BK is better and more value for $. Not mentioning Carl Jr fried onion is over fried, oily, too much flour and expensive than BK too...
  • ? . 2 ? .
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  • Best fastfood burger in town. Try the portobello mushroom

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