Biscuit King 饼干王

Snacks, Food & Drink, Candy Store
130 Casuarina Road


  • Opens on Tues - Sunday from 11am TO 10pm & Close on every Mondays!
  • A good memories of childhood! !
  • You think they have biscuits? They have other snacks too. Taste as good, if not better!
  • This place has old school snacks like BeeBee, Hiro chocolate cakes, DingDang & Tora!
  • Retro biscuits and snacks!
  • Old school biscuits no more 'old school'. Who says they belong to the previous era anyway? This is the go-to place for good biscuits to give people.
  • Pineapple cookies, all the kropok. Pricing is reasonable
  • Old style biscuits and snacks!
  • Get your childhood biscuits and snacks here. Buy by grams or kilograms!
  • Stopover here for short retail therapy at shop. Buy & buy the olden days type of biscuits, cookies, yummy snacks for snacking during this CNY Feb month.
  • Free carpark on Sunday, go during non-meal hours for higher chance to find vacant carpark lots.
  • You can get childhood toys and snacks here
  • Closed on Monday
  • Old skool delights!!!! paperdolls, biscuits, titbits, five stones... I feel like a kid again! x
  • Traditional biscuits that are kept in tins and all childhood favourite snacks! (:
  • Love their lychee prunes!
  • Old school treats at reasonable prices. They also sell old games like 5 stone, old maid,etc
  • All range of biscuit available!!! All are nice and cheap.
  • Great place to pick up all the biscuits, snacks and candies you remember from your childhood. Their CNY pineapple tarts are great and always sell out quickly, so remember to pre-order well in advance!

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