Bartoli's Pizzeria

$ $
1955 W Addison St (Damen)
Chicago, IL 60613
(773) 248-0455


  • Deep dish is fantastic! The crust maintains a crispness that can't be beat. Service is excellent as well. Will definitely be back!
  • Thin crust pizza and waffle fries. Nice cozy place that is family friendly. Good prices. Good service.
  • Delicious !
  • Chicago classic. Every time.
  • Check out Bartoli's Pizzeria as it was featured on Bite This with Nadia G for One of the top deep dish pizza's in chicago
  • One of the newest and best deep dish joints in Chicago.
  • No beer or wine but bring your own! There is also a place across the street where you can buy it to bring with you. Pizza is excellent (fresh, non greasy, w/ crisp crust) and the people are great!
  • Excellent Pan pizza and very good thin. The pan pizza ranks in my top of fave Chicago style pizzas
  • Pretty good slices. Crust was crisp but not too hard. I'll definitely go back
  • Recently opened. Have tried their sandwiches and burger so far. Yum.