Alley Taco

$ $
4614 2nd Ave (Prentis St)
Detroit, MI 48201
(313) 833-0672


  • Adrian at the front is sexy
  • Amazballs!!! Got to try it.
  • Amazing, fresh food.excellent, very friendly and helpful folks. If I showed you the food you wouldn't even know it was from the back of a liquor store this is some quality tacos.
  • What isn't good here? The 5 for $5 taco deal is hard to beat, but they can sometimes over do the cilantro. The quesadillas are amazing, really good hangover food, even if you're not hungover.
  • They have rad tunes and great tacos
  • Tres taco deal with a grapefruit jaritos (or a topo chico!) is the way to go! And you can't miss out on the gauc, best in midtown.
  • Excellent!
  • Stewed Chicken Rocks!!!
  • Pulled pork quesadilla
  • It's in the back of Marcus Market
  • Great customer service & a super friendly staff