Ah Leong Bee Hoon Soup Corner

Food Truck


  • The Bak Choe (Minced Pork / Pork Balls) = Super Delicious...Have to wait for 30 to 45 mins...It is worth waiting :-)
  • The Uncle (Ah Huat) has retired and his Son (Ah Leong) has taken over the cooking.
  • Extra bak chok!!!
  • Do try the tau chiam, besides the usual choices of fine and coarse beehoon, cintan mee, mee suah and porridge.
  • extra bak chor & fish ball yeah yeah
  • They cook the innards like a pro
  • Boy they really know how to cook pork innards... Damn good.
  • I prefer the innards than the minced pork balls. The broth is excellent though it's a bit salty.
  • a lot mosquito and be patient to wait the food... however, the food is nice.
  • 45 to 50mins wait. Be patient.
  • Still have? Under a tree?
  • More bak chok,yummy yummy...must try!!!
  • Tow chime is good .... must try whit extra bak choe...