Afters Ice Cream

Ice Cream
1265 E Green St (at Chester Ave)
Pasadena, CA 91106


  • Personally thought the buns were too much. Just get scoops of jasmine milk tea and cookie butter with afters flakes! Also a really cute and cool spot to just hangout.
  • Milk buns and ice cream quite the spot to go
  • Cookie butter icecream
  • Glazed donut with Cookie Butter ice cream and Cinnamon Toast Crunch
  • the cookie monster flavor is pretty good
  • Cookie Monster pairs best with a non glazed bun because the ice cream is so sweet.
  • Was excited to try this but unimpressed with the ice cream. Had frozen hot cocoa and cookie monster. They had no distinctive flavor. They both tasted like vanilla with "stuff" mixed in.
  • Solid donut ice cream sandwich. $6 with no extra toppings.
  • The ice cream is mediocre and not forth the drive.
  • Not worth the wait IMO but my gf loves this place... Shrugs
  • Cookie Monster ice cream is the best
  • Glazed bun, Cookie Monster, and cookie crisps absolutely divine
  • milky bun
  • Try the Cookie Monster Milky Bun! So delicious, it makes you feel a little guilty.
  • Jasmine milk tea and Cookie Monster are my favorite
  • Mint Monster
  • Milky Bun with Cookie Monster and Milk n Cereal with Mochi is so good
  • Milky bun with cookie butter ice cream is awesome!

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