Research Debunks Myths About Cheese and Finds Not All Proteins Are Created Equal

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Cello Whisps, the popular cheese company digs deep into the benefits of cheese as a 'complete protein'

Cello Whisps, the popular cheese company digs deep into the benefits of cheese as a 'complete protein'

NEW YORK, Nov. 29, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Cello Whisps, the gluten-free, high-protein snack brand from leading cheese company, Schuman Cheese, is highlighting the full-ranging benefits of cheese as a powerful protein source with the launch of its newest product Cheddar Cello Whisps.

Renowned dietitian Brigitte Zeitlin, on behalf of Cello Whisps, has investigated the common misconceptions about the complete protein and the benefits of keeping a diet high in protein. A complete protein contains all nine amino acids the body needs to build lean muscle and is typically found in animal products such as cheese.

Among the findings:

  • Protein is a huge factor in what fills us up and keeps us feeling full at a meal. Having enough protein helps curb overeating and contributes to prolonged satiety throughout the day
  • The appropriate serving size of cheese is 1-ounce, consumers should include 1-2 servings of cheese or dairy in their daily diets to get all the great benefits.
  • A diet not rich enough in protein could lead to weight gain and lack of satiety, low levels of energy making consumers feel sluggish and fatigued, trouble building and maintaining lean muscle mass, muscle, joint and bone pain, possible mood swings and irritability, poor concentration, a slowed down metabolism, and weakened immune system, among other negative side effects.
  • The right amount of protein depends on age, sex, height and physical activity level but if consumers aim to have protein at every meal and snack, they can steer clear of poor side effects.

The product innovation team behind Cello Whisps has used such research to expand upon and deliver a new cheddar flavor of their already popular snack, Cello Whisps. Along with the parmesan flavor, consumers can now snack on Cheddar Cello Whisps, which upholds the same standards of a one-ingredient non-processed cheese snack popular among both men, women and children.

"With our diets being altered daily by what we read, we were thrilled to partner with Brigitte to hear more about how complete protein's like Cheddar Cello Whisps contribute to a healthy, fulfilling and body-friendly diet." said Ilana Fischer, Vice President of Innovation and Strategy. "At Cello Whisps, we look to bring products to market that fit into all of these categories and enrich the lives of our consumers."

Zeitlin's research also uncovers a key myth behind dairy food, the perception that it is too high in sugar and/or saturated fat. 

"The naturally occurring sugar found in milk and dairy products is a natural, healthy form of sugar and is accompanied by the amount of protein in the item, which helps to regulate and prevent a spike in blood sugar," said Brigitte Zeitlin. "You want to avoid all products, dairy products included that have added sugars to them in addition to the naturally occurring ones. Cheese rarely has added sugars.  However you do want to stay away from processed cheeses, as they have other unhealthy additives."

When it comes to dairy and sugar, sticking to the full fat, plain versions are the best way to manage the sugar while still keeping dairy in your diet, says Brigitte.

"When companies remove the fat from dairy items they have to make up for the flavor by adding in sugar and sodium. Having the proper serving size of the real stuff is always the healthy option than the altered, adapted version. Cello Whisps are a great, non-processed complete protein addition to your salad or in your soup, or to eat them as a snack with a piece of fruit for some fiber."

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About Brigitte Zeitlin
Brigitte Zeitlin, MPH, RD, CDN is the founder of BZ Nutrition in New York City. She completed her Masters in Public Health Nutrition from Hunter College, her Registered Dietitian certification from Loyola University Chicago and holds her bachelor's degree from Lehigh University, and has gained experience in several nutrition specialty areas including gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, heart disease, oncology, weight management and women's nutrition while working as a clinical dietitian at Mount Sinai Medical Center.  Brigitte is passionate about nutrition education for disease prevention and counsels her clients on how to live a healthy life while keeping up with their hectic social and work life demands. Brigitte has been quoted in and contributed to various media outlets including ABC7 Eyewitness News New York, SiriusXM Doctor Radio, US Health & News,, Women's,,,, and Life by Daily Burn. For more information about Brigitte please visit


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