Regal Cinemas Crossroads 20 & IMAX

Row 1

501 Caitboo Ave
Cary, NC 27518
(844) 462-7342
Mon–Sun: 11:00 AM–11:30 PM

Foursquare Tips

  • Get & use a regal movie card. You earn points with every purchase which add up to free movie tickets. Also, there are specials each week on $1 candy or popcorn.
  • Please turn off your cell-phone. Unless someone is dying, that text message can wait (and if they are dying, you shouldn't be at the movies anyway, right?!?)
  • Now has an IMAX screen! Incredible sound and picture quality. New chairs with leather headrest and armrests are comfy too. IMAX ftw!
  • God it smells like musty butt in this place!!!! Bring a gas mask
  • everything is expensive. might as well bring your own popcorn and drinks.
  • The stale smell is no joke.
  • Instead of drug testing employees they evidently give them lobotomies
  • There IMAX isn't as good as the one downtown. Smaller screen and less sound. The price for an IMAX 3D here is $18. At the downtown Raleigh IMAX, it's $11.95 no matter what movie or time.
  • The popcorn is rarely fresh. They usually pop it earlier in the day or previous night and then just warm it up. I'm not a fan of this.
  • Bathrooms are not clean and smell really bad.
  • I ignored all the tips from others because I thought people were just being overly-critical, but this theater really DOES smell bad :(
  • I love the variety you get with a theater this big, but really do need to start popping popcorn fresh!
  • Theater 16 smelled like pee. Avoid at all costs.
  • I bring my own snacks minus my regular order of Nachos and cheese. I just wonder why does sound echo in the lobby by the concession stand. Makes it sound like everyone is screaming. Regal card!
  • If you want snacks get here EARLY. Concession lines take forever.
  • $48 for a date night at the movies. Yikes.
  • #19 smells like a rabbit hutch.
  • Theater #3 smells like dog pee!
  • The chairs are squeaky and annoying. The theatre smells like BO and urine. The bathrooms are disgusting and the popcorn tastes a week old! One of the worst theaters I have ever been to. HANDS DOWN!!!!
  • It's more of a movie theatre than a stadium, but I think I saw Eric Staal here once.