Rave Motion Pictures Ann Arbor 20

Cineplex, Movie Theater
4100 Carpenter Rd (at Ellsworth)
Ypsilanti, MI 48197
(734) 973-8380


  • Student Discounts are still available
  • If your lady carries a bug purse go to the Wendy's that's on the corner and pack some food to avoid the gouging that happens at concessions
  • Absolutely raving. Would rave here again
  • I like this theater a lot, much better than Quality in Goodrich on the other side of town. Nothing surprising or extraordinary - just your typical multiplex experience. Bring your student ID.
  • Jeffrey K. is a very kind and just Mayor. Better than Scott B. for sure.
  • Ripoff. Go to Goodrich.
  • I think I'm deaf now.
  • Great place to watch a movie.
  • $5 on Wednesday
  • $5 Wednesdays!!!!!!!!
  • Bring your own food and drink, its too expensive to buy it there.
  • Trash. Worth the drive to emagine in Novi. Or at the very least Quality 16 over on Jackson. Too many times I've seen movies here with disrespectful people in the audience being loud.
  • Saw a great movie. You should too!
  • nice location. clean and tickets are well priced. good place to watch Hindi movies and get out to ann arbor downtown for a good tym
  • Wish they still had CyGamz...
  • Best theater around. Go on Wednesdays for $5 movies!
  • I went to buy a rated R movie ticket for my sister and cousin and they wouldn't allow it. You MUST be a parent or Guardian in order to buy for them. Other theaters had no problems with this...
  • 5 $ ticket Wednesdays!!!
  • If you do a multi movie marathon, large pop & popcorn is the way to go. Free refills
  • Earn extra points by doing this tip! While sitting in your seat, wait for someone to get up to go to the bathroom, and then... FART!

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