Q&A with Kristina LaRue of Love and Zest

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Q&A with Kristina LaRue of Love and Zest

This month, we sat down with Kristina LaRue, the blogger behind one of our favorite sites, Love and Zest.  We talked to Kristina about all things food, her career as a sports nutritionist and why pasta is a crucial food for athletes.  Continue reading to see what she had to say!


1.  We’re so happy that October is National Pasta Month in the U.S.! How do you and your family enjoy eating pasta?

I love making a simple pasta recipe at home—sautéed veggies with chicken sausage or traditional spaghetti and meat sauce are two of our weeknight comfort foods because they are quick and taste good! I often keep meat sauce on hand in the freezer for an effortless dinner meal.


2.  We love that pasta is an easy way for picky eaters to meet their fruit and vegetable recommendation. What are some of your favorite vegetables or fruits to pair with pasta?

I love finely dicing or pureeing onions, peppers, mushrooms and adding shredded carrots to a marinara sauce for spaghetti.


3.  Now that fall is here, which seasonal foods are you most looking forward to cooking with? Apples, butternut squash, Brussels sprouts, and of course pumpkin!


4.  We know from reading your blog that you are a sports nutritionist for professional sports teams. What foods do you recommend to them to keep their energy up?

Pasta is a typical pregame staple for our teams because it provides carbohydrates a fuel source used by athletes during training and competition. I also always recommend fruits and veggies too because they help with keeping the body in top shape and preventing injury.


5.  How does an athlete’s diet compare to the diet of a typical person?

Athletes burn thousands more calories than the typical person through exercise, so they should be consuming more food to fuel their bodies. An athlete diet might be healthier too because they pay attention to the food they give themselves to perform at their best.


6.  Finally, you share some beautiful pasta recipes on your blog.  Can you pick a favorite and share it with our readers? Absolutely! I love this Chicken Pasta with Butternut Squash, Sautéed Onions and Tart Cherries… talk about flavor!!

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