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  • The Role of the Food Industry in Healthcare Reform
  • Psychopathy as a Human Characteristic
  • Can Someone Sue You for a Zika Infection?
  • Creating the Healthy Marriage You Want
  • How Your Parenting Style Shapes the Future for You and Your Child
  • Play-Date Do's and Don'ts


  • Producer – CBS News (NY)
  • Producer – NBC Universal (MA)
  • Investigative Reporter – Killeen Daily Herald (TX)


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  • Blog Profiles: Event Planning Blogs
  • Universal Expands Millennial Reach, Making Major Digital Play With Gawker Purchase



The Role of the Food Industry in Healthcare Reform
Dr. Elaina George
Board Certified Otolaryngologist
"The epidemic rise in the number of Americans young and old who are either overweight or obese account for 67%, according to the National Center for Health Statistics. The number of obese people has more than doubled since 1980. Over the past two decades, we have gotten fatter and sicker, but there has been another change. Our food, by and large, is no longer produced by the small farmer. Corporate farming has taken over our food supply."
Dr. George is a board-certified otolaryngologist. She graduated from Princeton University with a degree in biology, received her Master's degree in medical microbiology from Long Island University, and her medical degree from Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York. Dr. George completed her residency at Manhattan, Eye, Ear & Throat Hospital. She is on the advisory council of Project 21 black leadership network, an initiative of The National Center for Public Policy Research. She hosts her own radio show, "Medicine On Call," and is a keynote speaker for many organizations.
Contact: Ryan McCormick,

Psychopathy as a Human Characteristic
Eve Maram, Ph.D.
Clinical and Forensic Psychologist
"Is there a select group called The Psychopaths? What if the answer is no? Perhaps we need to consider psychopathy as a human characteristic on a gradated scale rather than a definitive diagnostic category."
Dr. Maram is a clinical and forensic psychologist and a Jungian-oriented therapist in private practice in Orange, Calif. She has a rich and varied background, including decades of experience providing treatment and assessment, both depth-oriented and forensic. Her experience bridges these two apparently divergent areas of psychology, forensic and Jungian, and everything in between. A consistent personal and professional awareness of the instrumental nature of the unconscious in all that we are and do infuses all of her work and her life. Along with psychological testing and assessment, she has provided intervention and treatment for clients including children and families suffering from child abuse, criminal histories, drug abuse, and mild to severe mental disorders; eight years serving on the State of California panel evaluating potentially sexually violent predators in the prisons; and 30 years working with sexual abuse perpetrators, victims, and families. She authored the recently published "Psychopathy Within" (Chiron Publications, 2016), as well as several chapters and articles. She is currently an Analyst Training Candidate, InterRegional Society of Jungian Analysts (IRSJA), Santa Fe, N.M.
Contact: Penny Sansevieri,

Can Someone Sue You for a Zika Infection?
Robert Ryan
Kuzyk Law, LLP
"For most healthy individuals, contracting the Zika virus results in, at most, a weeklong period of flu-like symptoms. For pregnant women, however, exposure to the virus can cause a serious birth defect in the fetus known as microcephaly, an underdeveloped skull that retards normal growth of the brain. It is this side-effect that has generated the most attention regarding possible legal liability. The first and most obvious risk is to healthcare workers who may be exposed to the virus in connection with their job responsibilities. All employers in the U.S. have an obligation to provide a safe workplace for their employees. Any employee who contracts Zika as a result of unsafe practices or procedures by their employer could have a claim for resulting damages, including to an unborn baby. In many states, such a claim would be covered under workers' comp. In some states, a child born with microcephaly might have a separate claim outside of workers' comp if the employer was guilty of negligence in creating the condition that led to the mother contracting the virus. We now also know that Zika can be sexually transmitted, which could give rise to legal liability by individuals to their partners who engage in sexual relations knowing they have the virus. There were a number of cases in the U.S. following the herpes epidemic in the '80s and the AIDS epidemic in the '90s where damages were awarded to people who contracted the viruses as a result of having sex with a partner who was aware they were themselves infected. It remains to be seen whether similar claims arise out of the current public health crisis posed by the Zika virus."
Ryan is a Los Angeles-area attorney at Kuzyk Law, LLP, who has built a successful practice litigating in state and federal courts throughout California. After rising to membership in a Beverly Hills-based complex litigation boutique, Ryan made the life-altering decision 15 years ago to refocus his practice on representing only individuals injured or killed in accidents. He heads the Litigation Department at California based Kuzyk Law, the largest law firm in Northern Los Angeles.
Contact: Ryan McCormick,

Creating the Healthy Marriage You Want
Phillip Kiehl
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
"Decide to resolve hurt together and stop the hurtful patterns and start healthy patterns. Change does not happen overnight. But, if both spouses are willing to partner and be a 'we,' then both of you can learn to eliminate unhealthy intentions and value embracing healthy intentions, which leads to feeling loved, accepted and secure."
Kiehl's clinical and special interests are in helping adults, marriages and parents find ways to trust and build better relationships. His experience and expertise in psychology, leadership and spirituality helps him connect with, and provide answers to, adults in many venues. His approach as a therapist reflects the counseling model of Drs. Henry Cloud and John Townsend by guiding individuals to learn how to bond, set boundaries, resolve issues of good and bad and regain control of their lives. Kiehl recently published "Creating the Healthy Marriage You Want," a book that challenges couples to evaluate their marriages by using the top 10 differences between a healthy and unhealthy marriages. His book makes use of his more than two decades of experience in the mental health field and is the ultimate guide to improving marriages and fostering healthy relationships. He is based in Altadena, Calif.
Contact: Penny Sansevieri,

How Your Parenting Style Shapes the Future for You and Your Child
Shelli Chosak, Ph.D.
Organizational Psychologist, Principal Partner
The KCM Group
"Bringing a child into the world is a monumental gift. It's a gift you give to yourself, and a gift you give to the future of the world. Becoming a parent is also a monumental responsibility. It's a charge and a challenge to raise a child who will feel confident, productive, and fulfilled -- and to raise a child who will contribute to making the world a better place. What do you owe your child? After all, as parents often hear, "I didn't ask to be born." You presumably did ask for your child to be born. How can you best shape the future for you and your child? By being the best parent you can possibly be. And you likely have the best of intentions to do just that. Then why do so many best intentions go astray? Why, despite all your best efforts, do you do less than what you long to do? Because you are human -- and that means you are not perfect. Or, in my definition of perfect: 'To be perfect means to know you're not.'"
Dr. Chosak is an expert in human behavior, with more than 25 years as a psychotherapist specializing in family relationships. Additionally, she served as a consultant to the Los Angeles Superior Court Family Mediation Division (Conciliation Court) for over 10 years, and counseled clients referred by the court classified as "difficult cases." She was a regional coordinator for the California State Task force on Parenting and Families, a member of the California State Senate Judiciary - Family Law Advisory Committee, and a delegate to the White House Conference on Families. She recently authored "Your Living Legacy: How Your Parenting Style Shapes the Future for You and Your Child," an essential resource that empowers parents and caregivers to raise emotionally healthy children. The book features 20 different parenting styles and includes tips to improve parenting skills.
Contact: Penny Sansevieri,

Play-Date Do's and Don'ts
Florence Ann Romano
Nanny Magic
"Play-dates may seem like all fun and games, but there are unwritten rules that are crucial to follow, especially when it comes to your nanny supervising the play-dates. With almost 60% of American families having nannies, it is probable that a future play-date will be hosted by your nanny, or the nanny of the friend. Make sure you follow proper play-date etiquette. Parents: Don't offer your nanny's play-date services without first checking with him/her. Don't expect the nanny to constantly host play dates without extra compensation. Do get the other parent's permission to have your nanny supervise. Do provide nanny and parent with one another's contact information. Do discuss with your nanny how their experience was, both with the playmate and their parent. Nannies: Don't talk about your employer with the other parent. Don't leave the kids unattended for any reason. Don't offer your services to the other parent unless clearing it with your employer. Do stay for the first date at the other parent's house. Do be upfront with how many 'free' play dates you are willing supervise. Do ask the parents about any necessary info (dietary restrictions, behavior issues, medical, etc.)."
Romano is a dedicated philanthropist and former nanny who worked for over 15 years as a nanny. She shares her experiences in "Nanny and Me" (Mascot Books, May 2015), her beautifully illustrated debut book for children making the transition from being cared for solely by their parents to having a nanny in their home. Born and raised just outside Chicago, Romano earned a degree in performance theatre at Bradley University in Peoria, Ill. She is the owner of Trinity, LLC, a 100% woman-owned and new family company that runs the Original Six Media production company. Romano also serves as president and founder of a junior board for young professionals that support autism awareness for children and adults.
Contact: Ryan McCormick,



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