Private Jet Charter Brings Some Purple Rain-Style to San Diego

Private Jet Charter Brings Some Purple Rain-Style to San Diego
From, by Mila Pantovich

As possibly the only charter that seems to have been tailor-made for Prince, JetPurple Airwayz has recently announced that they are expanding their reach to San Diego. Starting in 2016, the flashy Phoenix-based company will begin flying out of a private terminal in the city’s international airport.

Offering only first and business class accommodations, JetPurple includes all that we have come to expect from flying private, like great food and in-flight entertainment. What they have that others don’t though is splashy purple décor fit for a star. From the lie-flat seats to the carpet and pillows, purple is everywhere you look and according to the company, it was chosen due to its connection to royalty, bravery and passion (i.e. Prince). 

prince, purple rain

Long-haul flights use a BBJ 737 aircraft and short-haul ventures utilize a ATR 42, both of which feature the brand’s colorful livery. Having first launched in 2012, JetPurple already has a presence in many major airports, including Las Vegas and Singapore. Because they operate like a private jet, they get to bypass TSA to implement their own security measures. Though the options for San Diegans is limited to Scottsdale at the moment (which will cost around $500 depending on the time of year), hopefully JetPurple will be offering more destinations soon. 

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