Positively Philadelphia: Love Notes For a Venerable Philadelphia Institution

Positively Philadelphia: Love Notes For a Venerable Philadelphia Institution

By Lauren Lipton

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Fleisher Art Memorial, a community arts center at 719 Catharine Street in South Philadelphia, invites everyone to come and learn about art.

And on November 16th, everyone is invited to come and buy some art!

The fundraiser is called “Dear Fleisher,” and it’s all postcard-sized original artworks.  Each work costs just $50, but there is a twist: you don’t know who painted your treasure until after you buy it.

“The show fascinates people, partly because of the mystery,” says volunteer Danielle Kulicke (below).  “They are buying something with just a number attached to it, and they don’t find out what they’ve bought or what artist they’ve bought until they’ve paid and the art has been delivered.”

(Danielle Kulicke.  Photo by Lauren Lipton)

(Danielle Kulicke. Photo by Lauren Lipton)


Kulicke says the Fleisher fundraiser features hundreds of 4″x6″ pieces of art donated by artists from all over.  And all of them are for sale.

“Fifty dollars for an original piece of art.   And the work is beautiful!  I mean, the people who are doing it are absolutely top-drawer artists, and they do it out of love for Fleisher,” Kulicke says.

She says it’s a fundraiser that emphasizes fun!

“When the doors first open and you go into that space, you see all this work, and it’s really like Christmas morning,” she tells Positively Philadelphia.


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