Portsmouth Square Park

Park, Playground
Portsmouth Square Plaza
San Francisco, CA 94108


  • Grab lunch to go and enjoy eating outside in the beautiful weather
  • Get your food from R&G to go and eat it here while watching old lady tai chi
  • There's a bridge in this plaza leading to the Chinese Cultural Center that offers excellent views of Chinatown, North Beach, and Downtown.
  • Super convenient place if you're strolling around Chinatown. A lot of pigeons.
  • Cramped in studio apartments shared sometimes by a whole family this park offers an open space to socialize, listen to Peking opera, play chess & card games and there's even monkey bars for the kids
  • It's really awesome to look toward the now-covered waterline, and imagine the tiny hamlet that was once Yerba Buena. The historical significance of the spot is also really interesting!
  • Wanna try gambling?
  • watch out...sprinklers come on after 1am...
  • SF Weeklys Best Of 2011 Winner Editorial Pick BEST HISTORIC PARKJean Jacques Vioget opted for the European model of a grid of streets & a central plaza overlooking the cove a block away...
  • First public school in California was built here.
  • Lots of history in this little park! There is an 1 1/2 hr free Chinatown walking tour that meets here on Fri., Sat., and Mon: http://www.sfcityguides.org/desc.html?tour=8
  • The lower playground is newer with lots of sand and rocks for climbing.
  • Nice spot for early morning stretch, tai chi or relax.
  • Flooded with Chinese people playing chess. Go cheer on them, it's fun.
  • Surprise the locals ;-) "Gong siu siu gwongdungwa..."
  • Parking below Portsmouth too by the way.
  • Check out Drag Me Along Walking your of Chinatown www.dragmealongtours.com
  • Good place to eat dim sum in the sun.
  • Want to sit outside for lunch? Don't sit here. Go towards the bridge connecting to the hotel. Much less crowded.
  • Starting place for the SF City Guides: Chinatown Tour

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