Polihale Beach

Beach, Skate Park
Waimea, HI 96796
Waimea, HI 96796


  • rental 4x4 jeep on the 'unimproved' road was no problem. go faster to level out the washboard effect. beautiful beach and worth the almost 90 minutes to get here. plan on staying a few hours min.
  • Always nice to learn where the 4x4 switch is... Hope it's not too late...
  • Don't forget sun protection! Air down your tires when driving on the beach for better performance on the sand.
  • Don't take hike on black rocks on the right from the beach - it will be a long exhausting way and nothing there - ignore mentioned springs in guidebooks - they were dry when I came
  • Bring food a tent camp and make it a few day outing!
  • Don't go past the parking lot even in your 4wd. This beach has really soft sand. You can easily sink down to the axle. Now your choice is 500-3000 buck state park tow or 4-6 hour outside tow.
  • So worth the drive !!
  • 90 min from Lihue.
  • Queens pond is nice this time of the year but make Sre u flay ur tires or ull get stuck
  • Take a 4x4 and a airsicknes bag for the bumpy ride
  • Tip 1: take a Jeep not a sedan. Road not paved. Tip 2: waves are crazy! Take off your sunglasses and rings before diving in. You will lose them!
  • Beautiful beach!! Currents are super strong. Be careful
  • its a rough road to the beach, but well worth the trek
  • Simply one of the best beaches I have ever seen. Growing up in Laguna Beach California and a true beach lover - this is a must do! Road is really not that bad. Well worth the dirt road in!!!!m
  • ( + ) 10 . , . . , )
  • Beautiful secluded beach. Good spot for sunsets. Worth the drive.
  • Gorgeous beach, not crowded. Great for surfing
  • Beautiful deep, wide beach, but waves and undertow are strong in winter. Not a good shelling beach.
  • Take road all the way to the end to get to gorgeous beach!
  • Find a high vantage point, bring your own wine and enjoy!

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