Plaza De Albuquerque

South Plaza St NW (bt Romero & San Felipe Sts NW)
Albuquerque, NM


  • Run don't walk to Tours of Old Town. Fantastic history and ghost tours of Old Town where you can experience history!!
  • Lots of good shops. Spent several hours one afternoon wandering the area. Good for families. Good blend of quality locally made things and typical tourist- area junk.
  • Back Street Grill for tacos
  • Walk around lots to see
  • Live mariachi music is amazing - they even have a harp!
  • Really cool, nice, little plaza. It feels SO rich with the New Mexican old country-western/Native American feel. I loved it!
  • Be sure to visit Angel Town for the best selection and unique gifts.
  • Make sure to stop by Christmas Eve, even if it's midnight! So pretty!!
  • Beautiful setting for an evening out for all ages. Theres really something for all ages.

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N Plaza St (at Romero St)
2111 Church St NW (btw Romero St NW & San Felipe St NW)
Albuquerque, NM 87104