Philly Steak & Gyro

Sandwiches, Fast Food, Desserts
Marketplace Food Court (at PHL Airport)
Philadelphia, PA 19153
(215) 937-1988


  • As cheese steaks go this is not a good one, eat it if you are desperate.
  • Worst. Gyro. Ever.
  • Meh. You're better off skipping this one and heading over to the Wendy's or Chick-fil-A instead.
  • Worst gyro I ever had. 4 little strips of meat with no flavor. I should've ate the styrofoam container instead. Pathetic.
  • Very good food y'all should try it lol
  • Slooooow and they don't care. Don't choose if you have a quick connection.
  • My first ever chicken cheese steak!
  • Pretty good cheesesteak
  • $0.50 add ons are a huge rip off.
  • Good food
  • Not bad for an airport cheez-steak. And according to the guy behind the counter, the grilled onions are free: not that I'd do that to my fellow passengers.
  • This is not a "philly cheesesteak." Meat is dry & bland. Roll is huge but you only get enough meat to fill 1/2 of it. They use American cheese. If you get onions there are more onions than meat.
  • Good banana peppers.
  • Not so good.ainly airport food.
  • Nothing says yummy philly cheese steak like a few gallons of good ol fashioned cheez whiz!
  • My first Philly Steak in Philly good but not great. ;/
  • What better place to try a Philly Cheese Steak? When you land at Philly International :-)
  • Very disappointing cheesesteak. I've had better in many other airports. Dry meat, almost no cheese, bread is average. Pass on this and get something else.
  • Leave your Amex in your wallet - not accepted here
  • Great place!