Patak Meats

Based in Austell, Georgia, Patak Meat Products is one of the area’s finest retailers of European meats and sausages, and has been since it first opened in 1981.

The origins of the market, which sells both wholesale and retail, are in Czech and Polish meats, but the range of offerings extends far beyond those borders. Fresh meat is cut throughout the day, and includes pork chops, ribs, pork and beef tenderloin, New York strip steaks, oxtail, beef chuck, stew, rouladen, and rib eye. Smoked meats include Canadian and slab bacon, smoked ribs, smoked salmon and trout, ham, and veal roll. As for sausages, those include wieners, beef franks, Bohemia smokies, Polish kielbasa, Andouille, kabanos (a smoked snacking sausage), Italian sausage, and bratwurst. There’s also a wide variety of dry-cured salami, Westphalian ham, and Hungarian sausages. In many ways, it’s the dry-cured sausages that are Patak’s real claim to fame, as they take the longest to make and are dried in a custom-built Travaglini drying room.