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Parlo launches first Facebook Messenger chatbot for Texas Pete

Texas Pete ChatBot powered by Parlo. (PRNewsFoto/Parlo)

Parlo launches first Facebook Messenger chatbot for Texas Pete

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Parlo, a chatbot platform that enables brands to create chatbots for popular messaging apps, today launched their first chatbot for Texas Pete. Texas Pete is the first consumer package good company to launch a bot for sharing recipes and product information. Texas Pete customers will be able to explore and share Texas Pete recipes on their mobile devices with a few taps in Facebook Messenger.

"We know that our customers expect to have information at their fingers, we want to be where our customers are spending their time, therefore we believe in continued innovation to meet their expectations," said Glenn Garner, Chief Marketing Officer of T. W. Garner Food Company. "We want our customers to explore and share exciting ways to use our sauces."

Customers can engage with the Texas Pete bot by simply sending a message via Facebook Messenger to Texas Pete. Parlo plans to add more features, including the ability to save recipes, locate a Texas Pete retailer, send coupons, promote products, and more.

"We are living in an 'on-demand' society. Customers expect brands to be reachable anytime and provide information immediately on request," said Murali Subbarao, Founder and CEO of Parlo. "Messaging apps give brands the opportunity to speak to thousands of their customers at once. Parlo automates and personalizes these conversations for each individual and we are delighted to bring this to Texas Pete customers."  

Collectively, messaging apps have over three billion active monthly users worldwide. Facebook Messenger alone accounts for 1 billion of those users. Parlo aims to become the go-to enterprise platform for brands to create diverse chatbots for content, commerce, and customer support.

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About Parlo
Parlo™ is a chatbot platform that enables brands to operate smarter bots for engaging conversations. Parlo helps digital media marketers create brand experiences that delight consumers in messaging apps. Parlo has integrated with leading ecommerce companies and critical enterprise systems. Through Parlo consumers can chat with brands 24/7 to access information, make purchases and seek support.

About TW Garner Food Company
Founded in 1929, four members of the Garner family began selling their sauce to consumers and restaurants in the Winston-Salem area. The family-owned and operated company has since grown into one of America's leading sauce brands among consumers who purchase Texas Pete® at retailers and use the sauces at restaurants, within the military, and at other venues.


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