Paragon Odyssey 15

Movie Theater, Cineplex
14401 Burnhaven Dr
Burnsville, MN 55306
(952) 892-3456


  • This is the prettiest theater in the area. Love the mythic decor
  • If you are over 21, check out their VIP Theater Seating.
  • Great theatre, we have been to the VIP section about 6 times now. Love it! The Mezz has some pretty good food and awesome drinks.
  • The snacks are ridiculously high priced.
  • Great theater with an upstairs bar and a nice little menu to grab a bit before your movie check it out
  • Don't sit by drunk middle aged women... Or buy bottled water.
  • Nice seats! By far the most comfortable theater seats I've ever found.
  • Out of ice, 1/2 their candy, and the kids working were pretty surly. Not impressed....
  • Love this theater!! It's my favorite! Do the VIP will be glad you did! The Mezz is upstairs and they have great drinks and apps!!
  • $5 movies all day Wednesday
  • One of my favorite theaters. The seats aren't the best you can find, but they're very comfortable and roomy. Reserved seating rocks, and check out the VIP treatment for some more adult fun.
  • This place has reclining seats... For all their seats. Also ticket prices are lower than your AMC theaters. This is one of the better theaters to go to for movies.
  • Comfortable seats and a full bar for evening shows.
  • V.I.P. Seating is the only way to go!
  • If you think this is over priced then go to amc so you have something to really complain about.
  • Very over priced concessions. You have to use computer to buy your ticket. BS! Charge me an arm and leg then hire staff. Who needs a bar? Get better popcorn here...idiots.
  • Visually nice theater, but a terrible use of space. Cramped layout. Ok with getting own soda, but no counters to put down snacks to put lids on cups. Stupidly overpriced snacks. Don't recommend.
  • Go early during the weekend for the matinee rate
  • $5 before 6pm. Monday - Thursday
  • Love the reclining seats and big screens

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