Pacific Wheel

Theme Park, Scenic Lookout
Pacific Park
Santa Monica, CA 90401


  • Awesome view!
  • Solar panels you see mounted around the park help power the Pacific Wheel and its evening light show. The current Wheel was installed in 2008, but the 1996 original was the world's first solar wheel.
  • This ride costs $5 per person which gives you about ten minutes riding the wheel itself.
  • Amazing. Must see
  • Ideal para una tarde en Santa Mnica. Adultos $5
  • On a nice day, this is a great way to see practically the entire Southern California coastline from high above. Great fun, especially if you're playing host to out-of-town guests, or if you are one!
  • la vista es increble
  • A little pricey but a long ride with stops at the top to take in the views and get pictures. Definitely worth it.
  • I love busy places like this one. You should try it at the sunset time amazing view
  • excelente , con msica , juegos , Playa . De lo mejor de los ngeles
  • Random people yelling at you about Jesus, old school songs that can be sung off key, dirty floors, fatty carny food, overpriced rides, and the ocean. But I love it!
  • Valla elendik. Santa Monica ve Venice Beachi tepeden seyretmek iin bile binilir :)
  • Un lugar sper icnico, cautivante y hermoso.
  • Yes it is not for kids only; must get in if you want to enjoy the lovely skyline of the southern California and the Pacific Ocean
  • There are restrooms behind the ticket stand. Keep the ocean blue!
  • The pacific wheel is quite beautiful at night, adds a little something to the city.
  • Clich! But fun :)
  • The world only solar powered Ferris Wheel! Great fun place. Hang with friends, eat, get beers and enjoy the view. Awesome sunsets!
  • Awesome view! Don't miss it.
  • It gets pretty cold at night.

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