Oscar's Tavern

Row 1

1524 Sansom St (at 15th St)
Philadelphia, PA 19102
(215) 972-9938

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Foursquare Tips

  • have a 3.25 tall lager. or 2. or 10.
  • Remember: cash only!
  • Have pierogies with your $3.25 lager!
  • Drink a tall boy of Lager
  • dont run out on the check
  • Have anything to drink here for less. OK Pinot Grigio
  • Get dana for a server and youll have the best night!
  • Cheese fries.
  • Its a hellhole, yes, but it's barely changed. And everybodyfrom the corporate honchos to the hipsters to the skateboard kids to the old men with their behinds glued to the stoolsgets along.
  • Git yer boys tall and git em cheap
  • 3.25 tall beers... drink many$8 long island iced teas ... drink one or twoorder as many people on one tab as possible, waitresses rarely remember what was ordered and estimate low
  • Eat the German burger. Thank me later.
  • largest lager, littlest price!
  • Holes in walls Paintbrushe hot red
  • The only way to own an Oscar's t-shirt is to win it on Wednesday nights.
  • Awesome place. Great prices, fun people, and make sure you try their fries!!
  • Cheap pints of yuenglings on Thursdays!
  • Phenomenal cheap burgers and beer, with parents' Midwestern basement decor.
  • Where everybody knows your name.. Hugh glass of blue long island ice tea
  • The grill in front serves great cheesesteaks and other grill foods. Have a bite to eat with your tall draft.