Music Venue, Nightclub, Bar
1915 E 7th Ave
Tampa, FL 33605
(813) 248-9500


  • Try to make it though sink-or-swim without blacking out...
  • I'm all about swimming out of there at the end of the night.
  • Drink fast and hard - you must be prepared and pumped for Miley Cyrus at 2AM.
  • That's spot that Amanda A is watching over ....I rubbed my balls on the table :)
  • Sink or swim - all you can drink. $12 Saturday nights starting at 11pm
  • Christina is the best bartender ever!
  • Tip your bartenders
  • On saturdays, leave when the bright lights come on . Come back next week.
  • You should tip, like double because they work their ass off!
  • Make sure you check out "Retro Red Square Recall" on Saturdays! $12, awesome drinks, great people, amazing music, huge new location!
  • Someone overheard a conversation few weeks ago on a Saturday night at the Orpheum, "Oh, he must be a new Dj"... PRICELESS
  • That spot in the corner between the stage and the DJ booth...it's ours, so if I like you, you can find me and my friends there. If I don't know you, please do not invade our corner. Kthanks :)
  • Go with pato
  • These bouncers don't fuck around.
  • See lisa....she always knows what you want.
  • Get tickets at online theorpheum.com or at Daddy Kool Records!
  • Love sink or swim on saturdays!
  • I love seeing concerts here!
  • enjoy the air conditioning at the new location!
  • sink or swim's are where its at

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