Oriental Pearl Tower (东方明珠塔)

Landmark, Building, Scenic Lookout
1 Century Ave | 世纪大道1号 (Lujiazui Ring Rd | 陆家嘴环路)
浦东, 上海市 200120
+86 21 5879 7138


  • Don't miss the glass floor on floor 259!! This is freaking!!! By the way don't waist money going to level A, windows are dirty and is worthless pay just to go B
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  • looks small next to the WFC
  • Buraya gelmeden sangaya gittim gordum demek yanlis olur . Modern sangayin kalbi burada atiyir:))
  • Enjoy the view from one of the most famous buildings of Shanghai. If you are not afraid of heights visit the upper observation platform which has an area with a glass floor.
  • Modern and ancient!!!
  • A long queue forms under the tower everyday, but the waiting pays off. The view will leave you breathless and glass floors will turn your legs into a jelly. A must-see for all Shanghai visitors.
  • NEVER come here on Fridays evenings unless you are Chinese so you are welcome
  • "PHOTO OF OLD SHANGHAI" in the Municipal History Museum, reminds me of the old Shangai Triad film.
  • Go to the glass floor!!!
  • Awesome views of Shanghai. Fee is not cheap if you take full tour of the tower but worth it
  • Something to consider for maybe your 10th or 11th visit to Shanghai, possibly you live here. Or maybe just stay away. Views are good but you have to fight hordes of people and a poor layout.
  • Geniale Aussicht - leider sehr voll. 3-4 Stunden verbringt man locker dort.
  • . ! . !!! .
  • A fuckin' beautiful view! So high, so amazing
  • For those who love vertigo-inducing thrills, the tower features a 360-degree glass floor just 90 metres above the ground.
  • Shanghai Museum of Urban History on the lobby floor is strongly recommended for everyone who was born or lives or interested in Shanghai.
  • Shanghai Museum of Urban History is the only worthy place here. Too many people. Dirty windows. If you want to see Shanghai from height, then don't waste you money here and go to SWFC.
  • It's magnificent...must see in Shanghai!
  • Observation deck at the World Financial Center is a much more organized, enjoyable experience and view is better. Do not go here unless you love long waits, pushy tourists and confined spaces.

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